EUCLEF: The new search engine for EU chemicals legislation

On March 4, 2020, the European Organization for Chemicals (ECHA) released the new search tool, EUCLEF (European Union Chemicals LEgislation Finder) which provides a free overview of more than 30 EU legislation related to chemicals.  EUCLEF aims to help companies, especially SMEs, “to find out how their substances are being regulated in the EU and what legal obligations they have”.

EUCLEF is a search engine that links chemicals to the legislation that applies to them. In addition, it provides a summary of each legislative act, which includes the scope, obligations, exceptions, list of related chemicals and direct links to the relevant legal texts in the official languages ​​of each EU Member state.

EUCLEF contains regulations applying horizontally such as REACH, CLP, Inland transport of dangerous goods (ADR, AND, RID), environmental legislations such as IED, Ambient Air directives, Wastes, Health and Safety legislation such as CAD, OELs and product-specific legislation such as plant protection products, detergents etc.