Notifying hazardous mixtures for Poison Centres – What you need to know

In accordance with the Article 45 of the CLP Regulation and the Regulation 2017/542, importers or downstream users that place mixtures on the market are required to notify mixtures classified as hazardous to physical agents or to human health (excluding mixtures classified for environmental hazards, gases under pressure or explosives) into a centralized submission system that will collect data on national poison centers.


The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will start gathering harmonized information on existing chemicals in a new Poison Centre Notification (PCN) format starting in 2020 and phasing-in by 2024, which will be available to the authorities of the EU Member States.

The information required for the notification of the products at the Poison Centre Control is more than the typical information that has so far been submitted to national appointed bodies. Companies beyond the general information on the product, should provide:

  • classification and labeling based on the hazardous ingredients contained and the CLP criteria
  • all non-classified ingredients contained in the mixture if they exceed a content of more than 1%
  • pH values of the mixture
  • type(s) and size(s) of the package
  • product category according to the EU product categorization system (preparation by ECHA)

The notification of the hazard data to the above-mentioned portal (PCN) will be linked to a unique synthesis label. Each label will be identified by a new Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) code that will be received by ECHA through an online procedure on its website and will vary for each substance and mixture. The UFI ID should be included on the product label and for industrial uses, it will be added to the Safety Data Sheets of the substance.

The figure below is set out in the timeline of the implementation requirements. Eco-Efficiency is ready to support you of the upcoming changes and to organize the procedures for the notification of your products to the Poison Center on the basis of the new expected obligations.


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