Eco-Efficiency Ltd. offers services and sustainable solutions to large and small enterprises such as: Mytilineos Holdings S.A., Hellas Gold S.A., Hellenic Petroleum S.A., TITAN Cement Group, LARCO and a large number of companies which produce or trade chemicals. We provide services that aim to improve the “quality” of the raw materials, in order to control the emissions and waste production of a company. Main factors that we always evaluate in the solutions that we suggest are: the reduction of energy consumption and the cost effectiveness. Furthermore, we provide management consultation on waste according to legislative requirements.

On environmental issues, our company provides the following services:

1. Life cycle assessment and implementation of the European circular economy approach.

2. Analysis and Reduction of Environmental footprints.

3. Environmental Risk Assessment and Environmental Liability.

4. Prevention, preparedness and response of major industrial accidents (SEVESO III).

5. Environmental impact assessment case studies.

6. Environmental Management Systems.

7. Waste

8. Energy

9. Raw materials