Extractive Industries & Metallurgies

The manager of the company was representative of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and the Greek Mining Enterprises Association in Brussels for five years. He was also president of the environmental group of EUROMINES (European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores & Industrial Minerals). Since 2000 he is technical expert and coordinator of mining businesses in Europe and their representative in the EU on the review of the reference documents of best available techniques for the management and treatment of mining waste (Best Available Techniques Reference Document – BREF on Management of Waste of Extractive Industry). At the same time, our Company occupies Metallurgical Engineers with relevant experience and Experts at National and European universities. Moreover our company is a partner at the EU Mining Mentor Centre.


In this context, our company provides the following services:

1.             Support and representation of Mining companies to European and international forums and Associations

2.             Technical assistance according to the legal obligations.

i.          Decoding and compliance with the authorized environmental conditions

ii.          Land use issues

iii.           Water management issues

iv.           Waste management

v.          Application of End-of waste criteria

vi.           Land reclamation

vii.           End – of life operation obligations

3.             Building solid relations with government agencies and local communities.

4.             Feasibility of new projects

5.             Environmental audit for mining enterprises – liabilities (Due Diligence)

6.             Technical Support in licensing procedures

7.             Technical Support for Projects (Establishment and Operation)