Health & Safety


Our Company has among others prepared the Project “Study on the strategy of developing workplace improvement practices for Greek enterprises” and continues with the Project “Promotion of Best Practices for Occupational Health and Safety in Greek Enterprises”. In the first project the company analyzed the existing European legislative framework, international guidelines and best practices. Based on this analysis the Company developed an Electronic Guide of
OSH Management (Occupational Safety and Health Management System). This material is disseminated through the second project to 100 Greek enterprises. These enterprises were coached by experts towards improving their status in OSH and formed a common network to share experiences with the continuous support of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV)


Our company offers the following services:

  1. Reimagesgulatory support for the legislative requirement in OSH -Continuous monitoring and update of
    legal requirement
  2. Diagnostic control of the current status of the enterprise in OSH, requirements, needs and necessary actions
  3. Organization of the systematic management of OHS in your company
  4. Development and compilation of practical guides for OSH management tailored-made for your company requirements.
  5. Promotion of industrial excellence through the use of OHS indicators
  6. Promotion of implementation of best practices – Current trends.
  7. Solutions for the timely and effective Prevention of occupational hazards via identification based on internationally recognized standards