Quality Policy Statement

3Eco-Efficiency Consulting & Engineering Ltd provides technical, consulting services to the extractive, metallurgical, and chemical industries, associations, organizations, and public services in Greece, the EU, and around the world since 2009 for the protection of the Environment, the Health & Safety and the Certification of products.

Eco-Efficiency Consulting & Engineering Ltd combines technical and scientific know-how with expertise in the political and EU regulatory framework.  The core philosophy of the company is to provide integrated proposals that go beyond traditional approaches and help not just its clients but also the environment and society overall.

The company specializes in the services of:

(a) related to Regulations, licensing, and management of raw materials and chemicals.

(b) relating to the characterization and management of extractive and other industrial waste.

(c) related to the Environment with specialization in life cycle and risk management of materials and installations.

(d) related to the systematic management of Health and Safety at Work.

(e) in the mining and metallurgical sector by representing companies and associations in European international forums.

To ensure the quality of its services, Eco-Efficiency Consulting & Engineering Ltd has developed and implements a Quality System according to ISO  9001:2015 and is certified for it by TUV Austria Hellas.  Based on this, the company’s Management is committed to the following:

  • Address the needs of its customers in an immediate, holistic, and systematic way,
  • The high quality of its services delivers added value to our customers as well as and services are continuously improved,
  • The continuous development of the company, the improvement of its performance and the Quality System,
  • The compliance of its services and activities with the existing regulatory framework, active contracts, and other binding applicable requirements.
  • The implementation of a Quality System according to ISO 9001:2015,

This is achieved through:

  • setting measurable quality objectives and targets and regularly reviewing them.
  • all necessary resources and means are identified and allocated to ensure the effective operation of the company,
  • the continuous development and training of the company’s executives,
  • continuous measurement and monitoring of critical parameters to ensure the quality and safety of facilities, services, processes, and personnel,
  • communication of the Quality Policy Statement to all employees, as well as making it available to all interested parties and third parties,
  • the regular review of this Quality Policy Statement by the company’s Management.

The continuous effort for continuous improvement of services, processes, and Quality System is a main concern of the company.

The Company Manager

Petros Marampoutis